Giving Back Time

When Morgan and I started Trendline more than four years ago, we wanted to create a company driven by passion.  Passion for email.  Passion for customer success.  Passion for collaborative learning.  Passion for both professional and personal development. And finally, passion for giving back. For the last several years, I have been involved in many... Read more »

The best “Black Friday” email of 2014

It was a virtual email frenzy this past Black Friday and I was there to witness all 650+ emails that came into one of my seed accounts.  There were some good ones and bad ones and even some strange ones, but the one email that stood out was from Patagonia.  The best Black Friday email... Read more »

Hiring and interviewing

As we continue to grow at Trendline and position ourselves for 2015, I have found myself interviewing a lot of people over the last several months.  We interview “in reverse” here, meaning that I make it a point to spend first at least 30 minutes with each and every qualified candidate, usually over the phone. ... Read more »

Let’s Talk Re-engagement Strategy (With A Slideshow)

Many email strategists and thought leaders will say that in order for an email program to be successful, organizations need to have relevant emails that drive conversion.  In fact, someone has probably come up with a list of all the email types that should be in production without really understanding the impact each one has,... Read more »

Email Marketing & Apple Watch

Back to the Future Email predates the web browser by decades, yet email marketing and the modern web were born together. Email’s 30 year reign as a key part of every marketing plan is due to the fact that the web and email grew up together. Everyone understands the basic concepts: Send/reply to email address... Read more »

Database and Email Marketing Guru Arthur Hughes Dies

I was saddened to learn that the email marketing community has lost the legendary Arthur Hughes.  I learned of his death from a colleague this morning and while I never met him, I did speak with Arthur a few years ago as we planned an email marketing workshop that never materialized.  I remember fondly our... Read more »

Two Of The Most Dangerous Sayings In Email

I’ve been working in email marketing for many years now, on both the client and agency sides. In both situations, I’ve gone head-to-head with two types of attitudes that can be destructive to a healthy testing philosophy: “We’ve tried that before and it didn’t work.” “We’ve always done it that way.” These sayings demonstrate an... Read more »

The best day and time to send an email is …

As most of us in email marketing know, nothing is absolute, and success is usually predicated on copious amounts of test and learn. Finding the best time to send email is no exception. This issue keeps coming up, both in the forums I’m part of and as an audience question at email or digital conferences.... Read more »