Successful email marketing programs are built on meeting the expectations of consumers — delivering what they want, when they want, and how they want it — and aligning those expectations with the economic interests of the enterprise.

At Trendline we combine deep expertise in all aspects of email marketing, from ESP consulting, strategy, creative, and client services to platform management, email production, lead generation, and reporting & analytics.

“Trendline Interactive should be in the consideration set of any enterprise
that takes an email-first approach to marketing and driving business results.”
Email Agency Buyer’s Guide 2016, The Relevancy Ring.


Your business revolves around your customers. Your strategy should, too. Beginning with a focused exploration of your audience’s behavior as well as an audit of your email initiatives past and present, we uncover relevant insights for a strategy that influences perception, encourages action, and produces tangible results.

Successful email marketing requires a deep understanding of customers and the anticipation of their needs. Our Strategy Team is made up of experienced marketers who understand the latest trends and advancements in email marketing, garner relevant insights about customer behavior, and design targeted marketing programs that drive growth.

Creative Services

Compelling copy, captivating email design, and sophisticated HTML coding aren’t optional — at least not for emails that need to make an impact. Armed with an in-house team of creatives savvy to both the artistic and functional elements of successful email programs, everything we build is engaging and motivating while taking full advantage of the latest technology.

The incredible amount of freedom in email design is only limited by the requirements established by email client developers such as AppleMail, Outlook, iPhone, and Android. Our Creative Services team includes graphic designers, copywriters, and HTML coders who know that emails not only have to look great and resonate with subscribers, but also have a job to do – drive performance.

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ESP Consulting

Trendline supports clients across multiple platforms, with a particular emphasis on Salesforce Marketing Cloud (ExactTarget) and Oracle Marketing Cloud (Eloqua and Responsys). One of the major advantages of working across multiple platforms is the ability to identify core functionality and separate marketing hype from reality within each of these platforms.

Key to the success of any email marketing program is the ability to not only access, but truly utilize “big data.” Integration of multiple data sources and systems are required to drive personalized messages and fully leverage increasingly sophisticated automation, segmentation, and dynamic content capabilities.

Transitioning email platforms is a complex task that requires a high degree of coordination as well as intimate knowledge of both source and destination platforms. Our solutions consultants have a deep understanding of all the major platforms enabling us to ensure a seamless and efficient transition.

“Customers praise Trendline’s deep expertise of the top ESP platforms & appreciate their focus on optimization, automation, and attribution.”
Email Agency Buyer’s Guide 2016, The Relevancy Ring.

Platform Management

Email isn’t rocket science, but it’s more complex than many presume. With an uncommon mastery and understanding of the nuances of both the lesser-known and the most popular email platforms, our technical team ensures that everything works optimally, is structured flawlessly, and meets your business’s needs.

Highly effective email programs draw on a range of tools and data sources over and beyond the core platforms. Our technical services team brings cutting edge tools; advanced technologies; and best in class data sources to ensure your program delivers the best value to your customers and your organization.

“Trendline Interactive has done a great job of retaining very experienced technical and production services team leaders and personnel.” – Email Agency Buyer’s Guide 2016, The Relevancy Ring.

Email Production

Mindful strategy deserves equally-mindful execution. Joining forces for the setup, testing, deliverability, and monitoring of every email campaign, our email production specialists pave the way for emails to make it to inboxes error-free.

Trendline’s commitment to providing the highest caliber of email production services is evidenced by the publication of the company’s rolling 12 month error-free rate. Our Production Services team consists of Platform Specialists, Operations Managers, Deliverability Consultants, and Quality-Assurance Specialists committed to the setup, testing, and monitoring of every campaign to ensure flawless execution.

“Trendline was recognized for delivering quality, with an error-free rate of 99.63%, – peace of mind for any marketer looking for a reliable partner.” – Email Agency Buyer’s Guide 2016, The Relevancy Ring.

Email Address Acquisition / Lead Generation

The average email list loses approximately 25% of its email addresses per year through the normal process of attrition. Essential to the lifeblood of any successful email marketing program is the ability to acquire new quality email addresses on a consistent basis. Quality email marketing starts with quality email contacts. Successful email marketers must make email address acquisition a regular, programmatic, and systematic part of their efforts, just to sustain — let alone grow — revenue. Trendline works with clients to implement, execute, track and optimize their email acquisition efforts.

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Client Services

We are a high-touch agency focused on building strong relationships with our clients; clients with high expectations. To us, strong relationships are about being committed to a common goal, clear and respectful communications, understanding what’s important, being focused and disciplined, and working passionately to ensure quality deliverables with superior results.

Reporting & Analytics

Email marketing data lives across multiple silos including CRM, Web Analytics, E-commerce, and the ESP. Looking at any of these in a vacuum only paints a partial, and sometimes misleading, picture of performance. Integrating data from these silos, our analytics and technology teams work together for a diagnostic approach that paves the way to stronger future performance and ultimately, higher ROI.

Our teams ensure that data is structured in a way that allows us to address the most pressing marketing questions: What is and is not working? What are the unique KPIs that enable us to track and evaluate success? Where should our clients invest to generate the highest ROI? By addressing these questions, we are able to provide actionable recommendations and continually optimize performance.

“Trendline scored higher than any of their peers in the areas of email analytics.” – Email Agency Buyer’s Guide 2016, The Relevancy Ring.