A New Email Agency? What am I Thinking?!?

Here goes. My first post as the CEO and co-founder of a new interactive agency—an email-centric interactive agency.

Am I crazy?

Depends on how you look at it. Ask anyone who knows me well and they will probably say, “Yeah, Morgan’s kinda kooky.” But from a business perspective, I believe an agency focused on email marketing makes all the sense in the world.

Many in the online world have moved on to more exciting things. No doubt social media is exciting. It’s fast moving and fast growing. I love social media. I study social media. I participate in social media. We understand the critical role social media plays in marketing landscape and work with brands to bring email and social media together in powerful ways. But hundreds of social media agencies have been started in the past few years. Very few people are starting email-centric agencies and I continue to hear from marketers looking for help.

After spending the past 3 years conducting in-depth research for my former employer ExactTarget (to whom I am grateful for a great 6 year run) I’ve become increasingly convinced of two things:

1) Email is for real. It still works and it will continue to work for years to come. Why? Because consumers want brands to communicate with them through email. 93% receive permission-based email every day. Email has the potential to drive response. Done well, it has the potential to drive very profitable business.

2) The challenge with email is doing it well. On the surface, email looks easy. The equation (yes, I’m a math guy) looks like this: Send Email = Make Money. But this only works for a short while if companies aren’t delivering what consumers are looking for. Consumers want relevant content via email. Meeting that expectation can be really difficult.

Thanks to the encouragement of my wife, friends, and more than a few business contacts I have made over the past decade, I’ve decided it’s time. It’s been a dream for a while. I’m finally taking action.

I love research. I also love working with clients. Seeing them succeed makes me happy. I get satisfaction out of knowing I have helped them personally. And I get satisfaction out of helping keep irrelevant, uninspired email out of consumer’s inboxes. Consumers will continue to receive email. The question is what email they will they continue to receive? Those emails that make them feel appreciated and understood as customers.

And where Trendline Interactive has the good fortune to work with brands, that’s what they’ll get.

22 comments on “A New Email Agency? What am I Thinking?!?

  1. Rory Carlyle on


    I’ve followed you for a couple years now and I’m very excited to see what you and your team have up your sleeves. As a fledgling to this industry compared to my peers I often find myself being amazed by the wisdom and insight people such as Kordek and yourself have into our channel. I’m sure everyone involved with you and in the email space is excited to see a competent team of email savvy marketers take the initiative to change the playing field.

    Good luck guys! I’ll be watching and cheering!

    Rory Carlyle

  2. Ryan Phelan on

    Congratulations everyone! What an exciting time for the industry!

    It’s great to see positive growth and the presence of Morgan and Andrew taking the bull by the horns and starting something fresh!

    All the best to you and your team!

    Ryan P. Phelan
    VP, Strategic Services

  3. Dylan Boyd on

    Many props and congratulations guys. Very excited for you and this new venture. You two are going to be like pineapple and ham, cheese and pepperoni, or meat and potatoes. (You can decide who is who) Good ying and yang with lots of flavor and good taste in email marketing and strategy.

    Good luck on your new path.

    Also excited that we can “run it” a little more now that you have those corporate shackles off.

    Go forth and conquer!

  4. Morgan Stewart on

    Thanks for the well wishes everyone. It is indeed an exciting time. Hopefully we got a few more rabbits up our sleeve after the initial unveiling. 🙂 I must say that the company meetings thus far have been inspiring.

    Honored to work with these peeps! They totally rock.

  5. Scott Cohen on

    Morgan: Congratulations on getting this dream of yours off the ground! And congrats on putting together a solid team. I’m looking forward to seeing monumental growth as you fill a solid need in the industry!


  6. Blair Cooke on

    Congratulations guys – what a dream team and I have no doubt you’ll be successful. I look forward to following your adventures from Australia.

  7. Jeff Ginsberg on

    Congratulations to all of you!!!

    I know how hard, challenging and scary new business ventures can be. This one looks likes it’s built with success from the ground up.

    Best wishes.

    Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help.



  8. Peter Roebuck on

    Best of luck to all of you on what will no doubt be a fun ride. I like what I’m seeing already and nothing is better than being ultimately responsible for your own successes and failures.


  9. Stephanie Miller on

    Wow – congrats, Morgan, Michele and Andrew. What an exciting time to be starting an email consultancy, as email is getting even more complicated. Easy to do, hard to do well. Never has that been more true!

    Look forward to supporting you as I can,



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