A Triggered Message That Defines Relevancy

I absolutely love it when retailers get it right with relevancy.  We in the email industry always talk about become more relevant to the subscriber and the email below from Sears really captures the essence of being super targeted and ultra relative.  Let me explain why.  I live in Chicago and despite what you have heard, Chicago can get pretty hot in the Summer.  In fact over the last several days, it has been insanely hot here with temperatures in the mid 90’s.  This is pretty rare for Mid-June, but it has really afforded my family some great pool time at night.

During the height of this quick heat wave, I get the email from Sears which targets my area and acknowledges our heat plight in the subject line and then proceeds to try and sell me stuff all of which relate to summer and the heat.  Despite what you think of the Sears brand, you have to admit that this sort of email just screams of sophistication and hyper-targeting.  Those that struggle with frequency discussions about sending too much email, here is your ammo to send more email…but this is smart email.  Has anyone else received any email which is targeted to local weather events recently?

For this email, Sears wins our coveted Trendie award….please contact me to claim your prize.

Subject Line:  Warmer temps continue in your area, keep cool with Sears.

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