As consumers, we are inundated with marketing emails that we don’t want and often never asked for. But that’s a symptom of weak strategy, poor creative, and bad execution — not the medium itself.

Done well (really well), email has the potential to reach millions of eager, engaged recipients. With strategic insight, brilliant creative, and flawless execution, it has the power to directly and profoundly impact a business’s bottom line.

Our founders, Morgan Stewart and Andrew Kordek, set out to do it right. They envisioned a full-service email marketing agency focused on serving the specific and highly specialized needs of Fortune 1000 companies. They imagined email programs as great as the companies themselves and emails that were actually welcome in inboxes.

Three cities and 60+ employees later, here we are.

Today, we’re armed with an in-house team of email marketing experts including strategists, data analysts, technologists, designers, and copywriters. Our clients are some of the same brands we interact with every day as consumers off-the-job.

Perhaps even more than our 99.92 percent error-free rate, we’re proud of the company culture we’ve facilitated and the relationships we’ve built. Motivated by shared goals and shared success, we seek to work with—and partner with—those ready to join forces to create impactful email programs.