Systems Administrator


The Systems Administrator is responsible for maintaining the health and integrity of our software, hardware and network systems. They design, organize, modify, and support our company’s computer systems.

Responsibilities span network infrastructure, cloud-based backend services, SaaS applications, in office equipment and end-user tools.

The Systems Administrator designs and oversees local area networks, wide area networks, and network segments. They deploy, monitor, maintain and troubleshoot cloud-based and in office infrastructure. They work closely with the operations team to ensure regulatory and security compliance. Daily tasks include installing, upgrading and monitoring software and hardware; monitoring backups, logs and security alerts; and onboarding and offboarding hardware and tools for employees and clients.


  • Support LANs, WANs, network segments, Internet, and intranet systems
  • Ensure design of system allows all components to work properly together
  • Make recommendations for future upgrades
  • Maintain network and system security
  • Troubleshoot problems reported by users, analyze and isolate issues
  • Monitor networks to ensure security
  • Evaluate and modify systems performance
  • Maintain integrity of the network, server deployment, and security
  • Ensure network connectivity throughout the company’s LAN/WAN infrastructure is on par with technical considerations
  • Design and deploy networks; Maintain cloud network servers such as file servers, and VPN gateways
  • Assign configuration of authentication and authorization of directory services
  • Administer servers, laptop and desktop computers, printers, routers, switches, firewalls, phones, company mobile phones, smartphones, software deployment, security updates and patches


  • Experience managing and administering a distributed company network with multiple locations and a range of SaaS applications
  • Specific experience with AWS, Linux, MacOS and WIndows
  • Solid technical background with understanding and/or hands-on experience in software development and web technologies
  • Strong problem solving skills and willingness to roll up one’s sleeves to get the job done
  • Skilled at working effectively with cross functional teams in a matrix organization
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • MS/BS degree in Computer Science, Engineering or equivalent preferred