Culture is our key differentiator.

Culture is a set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an organization. At Trendline, we’ve worked hard to put this into practice.

At the core of Trendline’s success to date is our culture and dedication to maintaining a positive work environment, encouraging professional growth, and promoting the health & well-being of our employees.

Culture is key in our hiring process where we emphasize passion and cultural fit before any specific skill set. Culture is also key in our client selection process. We believe picking the right client is as important as picking the right employee. Do we believe in the client’s mission and vision, and do we genuinely like the people we would be working with day-to-day? These are two key questions we ask about any potential client.


Trendline’s Core Values


Each member of our team makes decisions like an owner would: Assessing risk, taking responsibility, and focusing on results. A commitment to ownership helps our team understand each client’s business and gives us the tools we need to produce results.


Integrity is all about doing the right thing for your clients, your team, and yourself. Our moral convictions guide everything we do, and we’ll never compromise our principles for quicker results.


At Trendline, everyone has a voice. Our team members lean on one another and trust that collective experience produces better results than individual heroism. At Trendline, we aren’t an army of one, we are a force of many.


Trendline isn’t reactive; we’re proactive. We encourage each of our team members to anticipate the future needs of each client and pursue outside-the-box ideas. We believe that when team members are free to tap into their natural curiosity, they’ll be free to produce results that no other company can match.

Continuous Improvement

There is always a better way. We aren’t satisfied with passable results or best practices. After all, when marketers stick to what’s already been done, they’re not innovating — they’re simply redefining mediocrity. We believe that we owe it to our clients, our team, and ourselves to always push for more.


A Team-Driven Culture

We’re always on the lookout for team members who can push our results to the next level. If you share our passion for technology, creativity, and email marketing, we’d love to hear from you.

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