We Prioritize Strategy Over Tactics

Most email marketers think only in terms of tactics, the steps one can take to achieve a particular goal. This is a shortsighted view that doesn’t do justice to the true complexities of a successful email marketing program.

If tactics aren’t grounded in a sound strategic foundation, you end up with a scattershot approach that doesn’t yield sustainable and repeatable results for your email marketing program. Good strategy provides the foundation needed to solve complex email marketing challenges while working towards an overall goal.

Our Step-By-Step Framework

Through our detailed discovery process and collaborative approach, we learn your business inside and out, your definition of success, what’s working, what’s not, and most importantly, what is needed to address and achieve your overarching goals.

Then, we develop your strategic plan, a blueprint that outlines clearly defined tactics (aligned with your objectives) to consistently drive efficiency, growth, and value over time.

The Trendline Advantage

From day one our goal was to provide candid, experience-based advice, and to deliver world-class strategy driven email programs that drove engaging subscriber experiences to increase business revenue.

Today, we ensure every aspect of your program is operationally optimized, from data management to streamlined error-free production to accessible and actionable reporting. Once you’re up and running, we focus on driving growth through testing, advanced analytics, and innovative technologies.

Most importantly, our focus is on achieving email operational excellence by delivering great customer experiences and driving maximum value for your organization.

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