Our Story

Our single goal is to help world-class brands build world-class email marketing programs. Headquartered in Austin, TX, Trendline was founded in 2010 by Morgan Stewart and Andrew Kordek-who believe that, to develop a clear competitive advantage, marketers running sophisticated enterprise email programs need a specialist agency that:

  • Understands the complexity of the email marketing environment and provides expertise across all aspects of email
  • Acts as a true partner by providing direct, grounded, and honest feedback
  • Provides practical support by tailoring services to individual client and business needs
  • Creates a solid foundation for email processes and agency-specific best practices to ensure efficiency and effectiveness

Guided by these principles, we’ve spent the past 10 years refining our process and improving both our product and our service. With over 175 employees and a client roster that boasts some of the best brands in the world, we are committed to delivering optimum performance through email marketing excellence.


Our Founders

Morgan Stewart and Andrew Kordek, the founders of Trendline, knew that email served as a solid foundation for communicating with customers, and when done right could produce the highest ROI of any digital marketing channel out there.

Some marketers had “ticked the box,” and were happy with the status quo. Many had been sold (and in some cases oversold) on Marketing Automation Platforms or ESPs with the belief that everything could be done under one roof, with the touch of a button, only to discover later that it just wasn’t that simple.

There were clients who wanted to create a better and more engaging customer experience that in turn would show a stronger ROI. And there were others who sought help from an independent third party as they found ESP services lacking although they were always all too eager to upsell them on some additional product or service.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to trust a full-service email marketing agency that could serve the highly specialized needs of enterprise organizations?


Five Cities and 175+ Employees Later, Here We Are

Clearly, Morgan and Andrew had the right idea. As time went on, more and more companies, having tried to do it themselves, began to appreciate the difficulty in creating great email marketing programs. More and more companies bought into Trendline’s philosophy and the benefit of working with experts in email program strategy, development, and execution.

Today, Trendline is backed by an in-house team dedicated to email marketing including strategists, data analysts, technologists, designers, copywriters, account managers, deliverability specialists, process people, and quality assurance experts. Armed with this array of professional talent and backed by the vision of building world-class email programs, we work every day to deliver optimum performance through email marketing excellence.

What Makes Us Different?

There are few email marketing agencies out there quite like Trendline. Since 2016, we have participated in the annual Email Marketing Agency Buyer’s Guide, published by The Relevancy Group (TRG), and we consistently rank as one of the top email agencies in the nation.

And our clients agree: TRG’s executive panel found that Trendline Interactive had the highest satisfaction scores of any agency studied, earning top awards in Account Management, Creative, Production, Strategy, and Technical and Customer Support, among others.