Are your consumers Facebook-first or email-first?

As part of an ongoing research project looking for insight into consumers’ online priorities, ExactTarget asked a simple question: “Where is the first place you go online when you first login in a typical day?” We found that 58 percent of online consumers check their email first, compared to the 11 percent who start their day by checking Facebook. Looking deeper, we found that where people start their day online reveals a lot about the rest of their digital day, providing a glimpse into how and where they want to engage with brands.

Consumers who start their day on Facebook tend to be more social-minded. They tend to share more information online and want to maintain a greater distinction between how they feel brands should behave on Facebook versus on email. In general, we found that those who Facebook first tend to engage with brands for entertainment or to stay informed about the brand’s activities. In other words, they aren’t turning to Facebook for deals and discounts.

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Originally from “Are your consumers Facebook-first or email-first?”| Published August 11, 2010

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Andrew Kordek