Get the Attention and Investment Your Email Program Deserves

Get the Attention and Investment Your Email Program Deserves I spend a lot of time speaking at conferences and events, which gives me the opportunity to talk with email marketers across the country. While the cities may change, I often hear a similar refrain: I’m understaffed and undervalued. People in my organization give very little... Read more »

California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018

California Consumer Privacy Act 2018
a Trendline Point of View: California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 Disclaimer: Trendline Interactive cannot provide any legal advice, nor should anything within this Point of View be construed as such. Customers should consult their legal teams and resources to ensure they are aware of their obligations under applicable regulations. Background – Privacy in the US:... Read more »

6 Critical New Email Engagement Metrics To Track

Tracking Email Metrics
Introduction For close to 20 years, the tracking of email marketing engagement metrics has not changed very much. Apart from the standard open and click metrics with variants, marketers rely on engagement metrics that only scratch the surface of what it takes to propel growth within a program. In fact many industry benchmark reports, still... Read more »

We came. We saw. We connected. Salesforce Connections 2018.

We came. We saw. We connected. Salesforce Connections 2018. Hailed as the digital marketing, commerce, and customer service event of the year, Salesforce Connections took Chicago by storm on June 12–14 with 13,000 marketers in attendance. We have a long history with Connections here at Trendline and welcomed back the conference after its year-long hiatus... Read more »

8 Hazards to Integrating New Automation Tools

8 Hazards To Integrating New Automation Tools As a lifelong skier, I’ve learned to watch for unmarked hazards and to respect the warning signs I come across on trails or headwalls. I use the same wariness whenever I work with Trendline clients who want to integrate new tools into their email platforms. What could go... Read more »

What Email Marketing Books Won’t Teach You

What email marketing books won’t teach you
There’s no shortage of email marketing books to choose from to learn how to run an effective email program. Some great authors have penned some excellent advice on best practices, all while offering their objective and expert opinions on email’s power and ROI to any organization. Although some books contain great theoretical information and advice... Read more »

Giving Voice to Your Emails

Giving Voice to Your Emails
Email & User Content I have been in email marketing since 1999, so I have built up quite an arsenal of emails in my seed accounts.   I have seen content that was creative, wonderfully written, personalized, and even cutting-edge. More importantly, I have watched as this channel keeps growing even as everyone else has... Read more »

How Email Can Fix a Broken Return Process

How Email Can Fix a Broken Return Process
In today’s multiple-channel retail environment, returning an online purchase to a store can add an extra layer of frustration for customers and retailers alike. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. My recent experience with a national brand retailer showed me how a creative use of email could make the return process less onerous,... Read more »

What it Takes to do Meaningful Personalization

What it Takes to do Meaningful Personalization
I’ve been in email marketing for 9 years now, the latest iteration of a digital marketing career that I have had going for over 20 years. During this time, I have seen interesting new technologies emerge—from Send Time Optimization to Machine Learning, to AI being leveraged for content and subject line suggestions. And yet, I... Read more »