What Is A Deliverability Audit?

Man Checking Email Inbox
When you hear the word ‘audit’ what do you think of? Before I got into the email space, I thought of the IRS. Fortunately, there are other audits out there that aren’t as scary, such as an Email Deliverability Audit. I have learned there are many businesses that are completely unaware that they have deliverability... Read more »

Future of Email Marketing – The Workhorse Becomes A Racehorse

A Winning Partnership with Trendline
  Email marketing continues to be the reigning champion of digital marketing. Not surprising when you consider every dollar spent on email marketing produces $44 in return. Yet, the broad perception of email marketing is that of a workhorse – tried and true – content to keep toiling away with a daily ration of oats... Read more »

Trendline and Inbox Pros – Redefining the Email Marketing Services Landscape

Trendline Acquires Inbox Pros
With the strategic acquisition of Inbox Pros, Trendline Interactive is now the clear leader in providing enterprise organizations with comprehensive, end-to-end email marketing services. AUSTIN, TX – Full service email marketing agency, Trendline Interactive, announced today the acquisition of Inbox Pros, adding deliverability, privacy and compliance to its service offerings. Already a best-in-class provider of... Read more »

Personalization Is Not A Strategy

Email Personalization
Why True Personalization Takes People, Process & Platform A Partner Post from Cordial We all know the drill: Every year, an analyst proclaims that email is dead. But even after almost four decades, email remains an essential revenue driver for businesses. In fact, email continues to maintain a median ROI of 122% — over four... Read more »

Making Old Connections New Again

Salesforce Connections 2018 Audience
Connections 2018 Growth is a good thing. As someone who spends his day helping clients hone their email marketing strategy for continuous growth, I’m the last person you’d expect to lament the “good old days” of Salesforce Connections, yet here I am, lamenting, just a bit. I’ve been attending Connections since 2010 and have always... Read more »

A New Journey Builder Feature To Be Aware Of

Journey Road
  I was updating content for a client’s journey in Salesforce Marketing Cloud the other day, and stumbled onto a new ‘feature’ I wasn’t aware of. This could be important for you to think about, depending on your workflow for updating emails in Journey Builder. Sending Email In Journey Builder When you add an email... Read more »

Get the Attention and Investment Your Email Program Deserves

Get the Attention and Investment Your Email Program Deserves I spend a lot of time speaking at conferences and events, which gives me the opportunity to talk with email marketers across the country. While the cities may change, I often hear a similar refrain: I’m understaffed and undervalued. People in my organization give very little... Read more »

California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018

California Consumer Privacy Act 2018
a Trendline Point of View: California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 Disclaimer: Trendline Interactive cannot provide any legal advice, nor should anything within this Point of View be construed as such. Customers should consult their legal teams and resources to ensure they are aware of their obligations under applicable regulations. Background – Privacy in the US:... Read more »

6 Critical New Email Engagement Metrics To Track

Tracking Email Metrics
Introduction For close to 20 years, the tracking of email marketing engagement metrics has not changed very much. Apart from the standard open and click metrics with variants, marketers rely on engagement metrics that only scratch the surface of what it takes to propel growth within a program. In fact many industry benchmark reports, still... Read more »

We came. We saw. We connected. Salesforce Connections 2018.

We came. We saw. We connected. Salesforce Connections 2018. Hailed as the digital marketing, commerce, and customer service event of the year, Salesforce Connections took Chicago by storm on June 12–14 with 13,000 marketers in attendance. We have a long history with Connections here at Trendline and welcomed back the conference after its year-long hiatus... Read more »