Why an Email Marketing Agency?

Trendline Interactive is a fast growing email marketing agency, and one of the things I spend a lot of time doing is interviewing new talent interested in joining our company.  A question that is commonly asked by candidates is “Why an agency that just focuses on email marketing?” Six and half years ago when Morgan... Read more »

6 Ways to Build an Email List From Scratch

Email List from Scratch
It’s incredibly easy to acquire an email list. Just type the words “email list” into any search engine and numerous pages of email lists are instantly available to purchase. There’s one problem, though, and it’s a big one; purchasing email lists is a horrible idea. Why? Because emails sent to a purchased list aren’t reaching... Read more »

The Importance of Separating Marketing and Transactional Emails

marketing emails
Every company needs to engage subscribers and customers with marketing emails, with messages about new product and service offerings, or sales. These usually contrast with the hyper-targeted, 1:1 transactional emails sent in response to user actions, such as double opt-in confirmations or welcome emails. However, if your email system’s sender profiles are not set up... Read more »

Four Keys to Collecting User Feedback

User Feedback
How do you track user feedback? How do you know the content, product, or service that you provide in your email program meets user expectations? How do you track user sentiment over time? How well do your customers’ actions align with your desired business objectives? These important questions can fuel your product backlog and content... Read more »

Three Reasons You Should Get Rid of Perfectly Good Email Subscribers

Email Subscribers
For some email marketers, the thought of removing perfectly good email subscribers from your baseline campaigns is a frightening thought. Why would you even consider opting down a user if they haven’t raised their hand and explicitly unsubscribed? Well, there are a few reasons, actually… #1 – Spam Traps The most obvious reason to clean... Read more »

The Best Day and Time to Send Email Is…

It’s been two years since I wrote this post poking fun at all the different statistics (and quotes) regarding the best day and time to send email, and how utterly ridiculous it would be to try to make heads or tails of all the conflicting information. It’s 2016, and my position on this very topic... Read more »

Meeting Enterprise Marketer Demands, with Unmatched Email Expertise

Trendline Interactive was a proud participant in the second annual Email Marketing Agency Buyer’s Guide 2016, published by The Relevancy Group (TRG). Over a dozen vendors were invited to participate in the research, and for a second year in a row Trendline Interactive landed firmly in the leaders circle. Of particular interest to marketers the report... Read more »

How Much Does It Cost to Hire an Email Marketing Agency?

email cost of services trend line interactive
One of the questions I consistently hear during the first call with a prospective client is, “How much does an email agency cost?” or “How do email agencies structure their fees?” In reality, price is an important screener for both parties. Email Marketing Agency Costs: The Buyer’s Side For the buyer, it’s important to know... Read more »