Revenue Per Email Acquisition Source

Due to the time constraints inherent in running an email program, getting questions answered in a timely fashion often proves difficult, if not impossible. Email marketers work with a variety of people, both internally and externally, to create campaigns and programs to acquire and onboard new subscribers. With so many people involved — each with... Read more »

Trendline Spotlight Featuring David Baker of Cordial

Earlier this year, I wrote a post about two companies that should be on every marketer’s radar, and it received a lot of interest from many of my industry colleagues. David Baker is one of the co-founders of Cordial and in my opinion is one of the smartest people in our industry. I had the... Read more »

Three Standout Subject Lines (and More!) from My Inbox This Weekend

My inbox this past weekend was an interesting one.  It had 3 standout subject lines and one very compelling, well messaged piece of creative. Tastefully Suggestive Tasting Table was able to use a rather suggestive and well know saying to push an article about our love for skewering meals.  It caught my attention not only for its... Read more »

The Interns Speak!

Before spending the summer at Trendline Interactive, email was just another mundane part of life: One more thing to check on the bus after Facebook and Instagram. Neither of us thought about the process behind email or the goals it was trying to achieve (even if we occasionally couldn’t resist clicking through to check out... Read more »

Trendline Interactive Records Highest Client Satisfaction Among Email Agencies

Trendline Interactive is a proud participant in the first ever Email Marketing Agency Buyer’s Guide, published by The Relevancy Group (TRG). As a researcher myself, I was impressed by the measures taken to ensure the report was both fair and accurate. (Free Download Below) Most comparative evaluations of agencies come down to a few key... Read more »

The Customer: Retention vs. Salvage

I recently went through the breakup process with a national brand that was delivering TV services to our house. While my world tends to be more technology focused, this breakup process was a clear case of misguided customer retention efforts.  And it was a perfect illustration for something that has bothered me for some time... Read more »

Two Things From My Inbox

Here are two things from my Inbox that I believe are share-worthy: Sent From My iPhone I subscribe to all of the potential presidential candidates’ email programs (so don’t think I am affiliated in any way with any candidate), and this one from Ted Cruz is interesting.  For those of us who work in email... Read more »

Three Things From This Weekend’s Inbox

Here are three things from this past weekend that stood out in my inbox: The Best Birthday Email This past weekend was my birthday, and after sifting through all of the typical birthday emails, this Virgin American one stood out for two reasons. First, it had an animated Richard B. dancing in the hero image,... Read more »

#CNX15 – A Blockbuster Conference in New York

This year’s Connections conference played out like a big-budget summer movie: the host city was bigger, the stakes higher, and the aspirations grander. Unfortunately, as with most summer blockbusters, the character development was sacrificed in order to make room for flashy action and special effects. Having the event in New York City was apropos given... Read more »