Overview of the Enterprise Email Service Provider Landscape

Email Service Provider
The Enterprise Email Service Provider (ESP) landscape continues to evolve, and the competition is as fierce as ever. Instead of going into the strengths and weaknesses of individual providers (there are a number of buyers’ guides that regularly address this in depth), a general overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the different types of... Read more »

Deep Thoughts in Email Marketing — July 2016 Edition

July is about apple pie, parades, fireworks and of course … deep thoughts on email marketing. 1. Lifetime value is often talked about, but what about lifetime lost value? 2. What would it take to have a former spammer (now turned good) run your email program? 3. How does a funeral home approach lifecycle emails?... Read more »

QA Q&A — Sophie Schweitzer

15 Questions with Trendline’s Senior QA Coordinator   What was the deciding factor in you coming to Trendline? My degree is in Marketing, but I wasn’t sure what path I wanted to take in that field. When I read about the QA position at Trendline, I realized that a lot of my strengths lined up... Read more »

Email Is Not Having a Resurgence, Dammit!

Email resurgence
I am sick and tired of reading and hearing about how email marketing is making a comeback in digital marketing this year. Many publications are hailing the “rebirth” of email, but the truth of the matter is, it never left. In fact, it’s been strong for many years, but people haven’t paid attention because they have been focused... Read more »

Why Don’t Email Re-engagement Campaigns Work All the Time?

Reengagement Campaigns
By now, you have certainly experienced the occasional “We Miss You”, “We Want You Back,” or “It’s been awhile” emails, either in your inbox or as a campaign specialist who has sent these to your un-engaged subscriber base. Everyone likes to ask: Do these sorts of emails work? Well, for some brands they do. Other... Read more »

Deep Thoughts in Email Marketing — May 2016 Edition

May not only brings flowers, but also deep thoughts about email marketing. Again. 1. It’s funny that something that was created in 1972 is still increasing in popularity today. You can’t say that about the Ford Falcon (XA). 2. An email marketer achieving “inbox zero” should either be shot or rewarded…not sure which. 3. According... Read more »

Deep Thoughts on Email Marketing — April 2016 Edition

Continuing the monthly tradition of providing you deep thoughts that will perhaps spawn a little laughter or a little chatter amongst the email brethren. 1. If email has one of the highest ROIs in marketing, why is it one of the most understaffed and underfunded departments? 2. Why do we let people who never have... Read more »

Email Conversions Are Ruled by a Traditional Experience

Moveable Ink (MI) recently released their 2015 US Consumer Device Preference Report, and there are some interesting insights that all email marketers should pay attention to.  The basis for this report centers on data MI collected from 6.03 billion emails throughout 2015. Highlight 1 – When It Comes to Opens, Mobile Devices Rule This is... Read more »