Driving Loyalty and Appointments


The Challenge

Banfield® Pet Hospital, the United States’ largest privately-owned veterinary practice, needed to create more engaging experiences for their clients through its email channel.

Their email communications were poor at securing appointments and overall did little overall to support brand loyalty due to inconsistency in modules, disjointed visual design, and other issues in the company’s email development and production. Overall, Banfield’s internal email production processes were time-consuming, inefficient, and difficult to scale. This made long-term email marketing success impossible to sustain.


Trendline stepped in and optimized Banfield’s entire email production process. This included delivery of a flexible newsletter master template (fully-coded HTML) that enabled dynamic content population for personalization, as well as improvement of responsive email designs across all major email clients and platforms. Trendline also provided recommendations on process improvements and helped train Banfield’s internal team to oversee newly introduced management systems.


Just days after its release, Banfield’s newsletter produced the highest number of total visits to Banfield.com ever seen in a single week. In addition, the new email substantially improved click-through rates, new Appointment Reminders, and overall performance on mobile. In total, the campaign broke four company email marketing records in just one week.

For Trendline, the campaign was awarded the AMA Max Award Best Newsletter 2018.

About Banfield Pet Hospital

Banfield Pet Hospital is the largest privately owned veterinary practice in the United States, committed to giving your pets extraordinary care whenever and wherever they need it.

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