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What Holds Marketers Back from Success in This Age of Innovation?

Innovation in email marketing Feature
  *This is a support article that provides insight into our latest whitepaper, Measuring the Impact of Innovation in Email Marketing. Download the Complete Guide today    Remember when the marketing-technology landscape looked like this?     That was back in 2011 when we thought we were living in complex times. Here’s the landscape today, with 5,000+ logos... Read more »

Behind the Book: Salesforce Marketing Cloud for Dummies

Behind the Book: Salesforce Marketing Cloud for Dummies
  A little over 2 years ago, a senior executive at Salesforce approached us about writing a book on how to use Salesforce Marketing Cloud, formerly known as Exact Target. Having been deep technical users of the platform for a number of years, vocal proponents, and people who weren’t afraid to offer constructive feedback, he... Read more »

Back to the Basics: The Welcome Email

Back To the Basics: The Welcome Email
  There are 3 key elements in email marketing that have to be done right or you immediately run the risk of setting a bad tone for the rest of your email program. Your brand must have permission to send emails to your subscribers. Make sure that the process for them to give you their... Read more »

Artificial Intelligence & Email Marketing – Part 1

Artificial Intelligence and Email Marketing - Part 1
  I recently read an article on how a major ESP was going to bring Artificial Intelligence (AI) smarts to email marketing campaigns. As I read through the piece, I was both concerned and frustrated with what little it said about what this new technology actually meant for customers. The increased use of words like... Read more »

Staying on the Deliverability Nice List this Holiday Season

Inbox Examiner: Staying on the Deliverability Nice List this Holiday Season
*The Inbox Examiner Series is a discussion around the many challenges in the email marketing industry, with proven solutions from leading industry experts. watch the video here. It’s here, that magical time of year; prepping for Holiday email campaigns. Every marketer steps up their email game and before they know it, they find that their... Read more »

Trending Inbox: The Patagonia Brand Promise Delivered To The Inbox

Trending Inbox: The Patagonia Brand Promise Delivered to the Inbox
  A company’s brand promise is something that connects your product or service with your purpose, your positioning, your strategy, your people and more importantly your customer experience. Some brands do it well in certain channels and some brands don’t. Over the last 10 years, I have talked about ways to extend and execute your... Read more »

Retention Programs Start With Defining An Inactive Subscriber

This is an updated repost of one of our most popular blog entries. As this information is still highly relevant and valuable to those looking to understand email design challenges, requirements, and solutions regarding responsive design, we wanted to share it again. Enjoy.   I have been reading a lot of posts recently on how... Read more »

Partner POV: AudiencePoint and The Value of a Click

The value of a click
*This is a repost from one of our industry-leading Send TIme Optimization partners, AudiencePoint. Through our Partner POV series, we will highlight the great work and thought leadership presented by our partners. Enjoy.   How much is a Click in Email Marketing worth? Different models exist in attempting to answer this, each with their own... Read more »

5 Things Every Email Marketer Should Know

  Some years ago, OK many years ago, I joined a custom publishing agency. My first week was one of deep orientation. During that week I was taken through the details of the publishing process. I was taught about the print process: the different types of printers, paper, and printing techniques; color processes, CMYK and... Read more »