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Are you passionate about email marketing? Let’s talk…

Trendline Interactive just turned 2 1/2 years old, and we’re growing like crazy. This company was founded on the demand for real innovation in the email marketing channel. We are obsessed with that challenge. As our company has grown, one thing we have realized is that the key to driving real results and bringing new... Read more »

Apple’s Passbook is a big deal for Email Marketing

Here at Trendline, we are very focused on making email and mobile work together. One key aspect of that is working with and launching apps from emails on popular smartphone operating systems like iOS and Android. When the iPhone 5 drops and iOS 6 adoption increases, email marketers will be happier than the Apple fanboys.... Read more »

Optimize your Email Campaigns for Sparrow with a Gravatar

Sparrow is an email client that offers some great new features for email users, and email marketers. Sparrow, a popular email client for iOS and the Mac, is growing in popularity and has some great features that are a welcome addition to the stagnant universe of email clients, most notably – avatars. As you can... Read more »

The Follow Up Emails from @scoutmob…and yes they are good.

I posted the other week about the mobile welcome email that came from the company Scoutmob.  As you may recall, I was pretty impressed with their welcome email, but what has been more impressive was the follow up emails that I received from not opening up their app.  The emails are below and I believe... Read more »

iOS 5 & Email Marketing – Part 1

Since the release of iOS 5, Apple’s new software for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad has been installed on 1 in 3 compatible devices.  We have been analyzing how all of the new features will impact the massively growing number of email marketing campaigns being read on Apple gadgets. For example, one client of Trendline logged... Read more »

Launching iOS apps from an Email Newsletter

The inevitable accent of Mobile devices becoming the #1 email client has produced some interesting challenges for us email marketers. One such is challenge is how to work with apps, namely how to launch them from an email message. Apps aren’t going away anytime soon, so we need to figure out how to address them in... Read more »

Mobile Email: Three Things To Consider Before You Get Started

Smartphones are having a profound impact on email use. Smartphone sales are surging, and email is one of the most common items people use their smartphone to access. Only calling and texting are more common smartphone activities.

Daily Deal Emails on Mobile

  Here is a conversation that I am sure is happening in the hallways of many companies these days: “Hey…how does our email look on a mobile device” “Dunno…we tested to the my iPhone and it seems ok..but how it looks in the others, not sure” It seems that we cannot turn around these days... Read more »

The New Twitter Notification Email Is Not Optimized For Mobile

It appears as if Twitter changed the look and feel to their notification emails sometime around 12 noon central yesterday.  The design is a definite improvement in the desktop client as it add’s a more refined and sophisticated look to the notification.  However,  as I was winding down my day late last night and slogging... Read more »