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Why Should You Care About Inbox Clipping?

Inbox Clipping
Background Inbox clipping occurs when an email is sent to a Gmail domain and is larger than 102kB, at which point Gmail “clips” the message and requires the recipient to click on a “View entire message” link to see the full code. This size restriction includes anything within the email itself, including text, images, links,... Read more »

Your Personal Experience Is Irrelevant

Personal Experience
One of the greatest marketing lessons I have learned came from my Sociology grad school advisor. After spending considerable effort preparing to present ideas for my first big research project I opened with the comment, “In my experience…” My advisor stopped me mid-sentence, his eyes got large, and he took a deep breath. “Listen to... Read more »

The Importance of Separating Marketing and Transactional Emails

marketing emails
Every company needs to engage subscribers and customers with marketing emails, with messages about new product and service offerings, or sales. These usually contrast with the hyper-targeted, 1:1 transactional emails sent in response to user actions, such as double opt-in confirmations or welcome emails. However, if your email system’s sender profiles are not set up... Read more »

Four Keys to Collecting User Feedback

User Feedback
How do you track user feedback? How do you know the content, product, or service that you provide in your email program meets user expectations? How do you track user sentiment over time? How well do your customers’ actions align with your desired business objectives? These important questions can fuel your product backlog and content... Read more »

Meeting Enterprise Marketer Demands, with Unmatched Email Expertise

Trendline Interactive was a proud participant in the second annual Email Marketing Agency Buyer’s Guide 2016, published by The Relevancy Group (TRG). Over a dozen vendors were invited to participate in the research, and for a second year in a row Trendline Interactive landed firmly in the leaders circle. Of particular interest to marketers the report... Read more »

Deep Thoughts on Email Marketing — April 2016 Edition

Continuing the monthly tradition of providing you deep thoughts that will perhaps spawn a little laughter or a little chatter amongst the email brethren. 1. If email has one of the highest ROIs in marketing, why is it one of the most understaffed and underfunded departments? 2. Why do we let people who never have... Read more »

Email Conversions Are Ruled by a Traditional Experience

Moveable Ink (MI) recently released their 2015 US Consumer Device Preference Report, and there are some interesting insights that all email marketers should pay attention to.  The basis for this report centers on data MI collected from 6.03 billion emails throughout 2015. Highlight 1 – When It Comes to Opens, Mobile Devices Rule This is... Read more »

The Big Data Secret of SXSW Parties

SXSWi is right around the corner.  It is *scary* close. As we run around frantically trying to plan meetings, add panels to our calendars, and get social strategies planned, we’re bombarded with party invites. How on Earth do we handle this problem? You might have guessed that this post has to do with data? Party... Read more »