Creative Trends in Email Marketing – March 25, 2021

Trendline Interactive

Trendline Interactive

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To keep your subscribers engaged, your email creative needs to be at its best. Make sure you’re staying ahead with this live webinar featuring Trendline’s Creative team. In this one hour event, you will learn: 

  • Dark Mode: Are your emails standing out in the inbox? 
  • Code interactivity: Ready to get your hands on AMP? The possibilities are endless. 
  • User experience: What tactics are you using to keep your images engaging? 


You’ll hear insights from:

  • Andrea Campbell, Creative Director, Trendline Interactive
  • Becky Dieffenbach, Associate Creative Director, Trendline Interactive
  • Alex Williams, Practice Lead, Trendline Interactive
Trendline Interactive

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Built from email marketing, Trendline Interactive is an agency and consultancy that inspires brands to create meaningful engagement through cross-channel communications. Our passion is that every single message sent is not only meaningful to the audience, but drives success for our clients.

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