Daily Deal Emails on Mobile


Here is a conversation that I am sure is happening in the hallways of many companies these days:

“Hey…how does our email look on a mobile device”

“Dunno…we tested to the my iPhone and it seems ok..but how it looks in the others, not sure”

It seems that we cannot turn around these days without someone mentioning the “M” word.  “Mobile is exploding….”  “XX% of Mobile email users read their email on their smart phones……” and on and and on and on.  So over the past weekend, I managed to grab a screen shot (iPhone 4) of all the daily deal site emails I subscribe to and organize them for you here.  I think we can all agree that the iPhone is by far the most generous of all the smart phones when it comes to rendering.  You will see below that some of the emails featured are well laid out and the CTA is pretty prominent without requiring the user to scroll…while others need some work.

Take a look and tell me what you see and what your impressions are.


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