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The Email Deliverability Certification, taught by deliverability experts at Inbox Pros, A Trendline Company, provides email marketers with the knowledge and skills they need to ensure more of their emails land in subscriber inboxes, their response rates are improved, and their campaigns earn a higher return on marketing investment. If your company sends marketing emails, this Certification is for you.

Upcoming Certification Classes

Houston, TX on November 5, 2019

What will you learn?

You’ll learn the foundational aspects of email, including:

Email Deliverability Services

  • What happens after an email is sent
  • How bounces, complaints, blacklists, spam traps, content, and email filters (both B2B and B2C) impact email programs
  • Basics of ISP tools and dashboards
  • What are authentication, reputation tools, and email legislation


You’ll also learn about email marketing related deliverability concepts and potential issues, like:
  • How to utilize email header analysis, advanced list segmentation, content and HTML optimization
  • Understanding of DMARC details, alignment and reporting, advanced rate limits and connection settings
  • Spam filter definitions, spam filter rules and details, including domestic and international ISP specifics
  • How to work using ISP best practices, feedback loops, and advanced deliverability signals


What happens after I successfully complete the class?

You’ll earn your Deliverability Certification, and a cool certificate to prove it. You’ll be recognized within the email marketing industry, and more of your emails will land in subscriber inboxes.

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Houston, TX on November 5, 2019

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