Email campaign mistake? It happens

If you have recently made an oops in your email program, don’t worry we all have. I was reflecting the other day of a mistake I made many years ago whereby I launched an email on the B2B side, flooded the firewall and took down all of the corporate email servers, the intranet and a few other key pieces of the infrastructure for a couple of hours.  Needless to say it was the end of quarter and people were not that happy.  But..I should note, that I repeatedly had asked that the email “blast” server be put outside the firewall, so technically it wasn’t my fault. 🙂

That said..if you made a mistake..big or small, don’t beat yourself up over it..just make sure you course correct and learn.  Just remember..your mistake is digital and nothing something like this above which I am sure went through multiple levels of proof-reading before being produced.

Keep on sending great email.


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