Email From A Fresh Perspective

The New Intern…

My name is Cynthia Velasco and I am one of the new interns here at Trendline Interactive.  In August I will be a senior at The University of Texas at Austin, studying marketing and advertising. I have been lucky enough to have my first taste of the “real world” here at Trendline. I have gained much knowledge about marketing in the past three years of my college career, but with everything going on around me, it’s easy to forget the reason you’re attending college in the first place.  At Trendline, I definitely have been able to put what I have learned to the test and get a feel for what I should expect after graduation.

Change of View

Even though I use email every day, I rarely viewed email as a driver for online shopping prior to working at Trendline. After a few days here, I began to pick up on how effective email marketing really is. I examined my own experience with email and realized how many times emails had influenced me into buying something or making an impromptu shopping trip. I not only started to view email in a different way, but I began considering the way customers might be reacting to these brands attempts to sell them something.  Let’s just say there isn’t a single email that goes unread in my in-box since my first week at Trendline.

Applying all this Knowledge

Now, like I said, I haven’t been here too long so I’ll leave the real advice to the pros, but I am very passionate about social media and this guided my interest in seeing how email and social worked together. Pinterest particularly caught my attention, especially considering how quickly it is being integrated with email. Strong Mail surveyed of businesses that are considered “active” in social networking asking them whether their business used Pinterest. Almost 60% of those businesses either answered “yes” or “no, but we are considering it”.  Adding a “pin it” button to emails is a great way to encourage content sharing, but there are many companies going above and beyond this small step. Anthropologie is the perfect example of how a company can engage their subscribers through email and direct them towards this social media channel.

They sent out an email letting their subscribers know they are on Pinterest and inviting them to join in on the fun. “Don’t have an account? Email us at and we’ll send you an invite!” This last bit at the bottom is a great way to make those who don’t have a Pinterest account feel welcomed. I’m sure the rest of their customers who do have a Pinterest account were immediately drawn to Anthropologie’s creative pin boards. Not only do they pin their products, but they pin other content that is relevant to their brand and builds a community feel rather than just a promotional website. As you can see below, Anthro has boards like “Love to Wear: Summer” but they also include “In the Garden” where their followers can find gorgeous garden photography which fits very well with the Anthropologie brand.

My experience with Trendline

Even though Trendline focuses on email, it has a firm grasp on social media, research, and other marketing channels that help businesses improve their marketing efforts in a variety of ways. The members of the Trendline team have a diverse set of skills that bring different benefits to the table, but ultimately work in unison to keep their clients happy. I have felt comfortable enough to reach out to anyone on the team, and this has broadened my view of marketing in many ways. Everyone is so passionate about what they do and eager not to only share their knowledge, but to gain some in return. I’m looking forward to the rest of my summer here at Trendline Interactive and continuing to experience the “real world”.

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