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Marketing Resources 5 types of email service providers

5 Types of ESP Providers Every Enterprise Organization Should Know

Finding the right Email Service Provider (ESP) for an enterprise organization isn’t easy, and the stakes are high. Email marketing has proven time and again to be one of the most effective marketing channels out there (if it’s done really, really well). Download >>

Marketing Resources Innvoation Whitepaper_Cover_Transparent Background

Measuring the Impact of Innovation in Email Marketing

With the rapid increase of innovation in marketing technology, today’s marketers need to be at the top of their game, leveraging the insights and efficiencies that new mar-tech innovations promise in order to drive measurable business results. Download >>

Marketing Resources Inbox Examiner: Staying on the Deliverability Nice List

Inbox Examiner: Staying on the Deliverability Nice List this Holiday Season

Inbox Examiner is a video series featuring leading industry experts discussing proven solutions to the many challenges email marketers face. In this video, our experts discuss email deliverability challenges during the holiday season and what you can do to overcome them. Download >>

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