The Power of No

The Power of No from Trendline Interactive

I am convinced that the most used word in the English language is the word “No”.  Babies sometimes say it as their first word and it seems that we use it consistently as we grow up and well into adulthood.  As a parent, I have used it quite a bit – “No…you cannot have an ice cream now, we are eating dinner in 10 minutes” or the most used phrase in the last year in my household “No…you cannot get GTA5…you are too young and I don’t care who has it.”

What about the use of “No” in business?  As the owner of a company, I sometimes have to use it because it’s for the good of the business, and it’s hard when people don’t understand, so I take time to explain why.  The same would hold true for any great email marketing program.  “No” should only be used if you believe it’s right for the business and you have the data to back it up.  Using “No” because the process is too difficult or because it would take more time, simply does not make good business sense. The greatest breakthroughs in the evolution of any email program is when you go out on a limb and do something that has never been done or hasn’t yet been proven internally.

Do not let “No” take away from moving your email program forward. A good email program uses “No” enough; a great email program uses “No,” but also words like “maybe,” “what if,” and “why?”.

Don’t just use “No” anymore.

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