2 companies that should be on every email marketer’s radar

Andrew Kordek

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As 2015 kicks into high gear and we begin to think about what’s next for our industry, I’m focusing my efforts on the technologies that will impact the email-marketing world in the next 10-24 months.

In particular, there are 2 companies that I’m insanely curious about:


Cordial (
Cordial was founded by some pretty smart industry veterans that I truly respect. They have a deep understanding of the marketing landscape and an outstanding commitment to the channel. Cordial is building what they call a “platform that we all dream about,” and that leverages data-driven customer experiences. They talk about insights and streamlining how we work. While this might sound like a lot of hype, I have a sneaky suspicion that the folks behind Cordial are going to actually deliver. They’re in beta now, and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s behind the curtain.

Persado (
They call it “persuasion automation,” and after researching their tool and speaking to some folks over there, I am calling it fascinating. In a nutshell, Persado maps marketing language that applies to your individual brand, and then creates millions of variations of a particular marketing message. They then look at persuasive emotions to deliver the optimal language and drive the greatest response. Persado just closed on a heavy Series B funding, and I look forward to exploring their platform more with some of our own customers.
I’m constantly looking for companies that have the potential to change the landscape as we know it. If you know of such a company, or represent one, drop me a note.

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