3 Things About Social Media That May Shock You

Andrew Kordek

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My son produced his first movie this week. He’s nine. I’m proud that there was an actual plot, and the background music helped set the tone for the havoc brought to our quiet cul-de-sac by a seven-year old zombie.

I’m now sure that his home-movie editing skills will surpass mine by the time he enters high school. He’s a digital native who learned to use a mouse when he was two. He’s since progressed from playing Word Girl to using iMovie.

Many teens today have similar stories growing up as digital natives. Thus, it was no surprise when I started evaluating the results of a recent survey we conducted that 27% of teens (ages 15-17) upload video, 35% upload audio, and 53% upload photos at least once a month — double the rates of non-teens.

However, in the same analysis, there are things that shocked me.

1) Email or Facebook? It’s a draw.

Whoa! Before you assume my judgment has been compromised by the fact I work for a company with email roots, keep reading.

We often hear people say things like, “I’m more of a texting person,” or “I’m more of a calling person.” This typography has become a part of our culture. Before sending a message, we consider what channel our target is most likely to respond to. We decided to quantify this by asking how respondents usually prefer to communicate with their friends.

When teens were asked their preference, 36% said email, 35% said Facebook, and 29% indicated no preference. Moreover, more teens use email at least daily than Facebook and more check email during school than check Facebook.

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