3 Ways to Support Your Clients During COVID-19

Vanessa Patrick

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This is new territory for all of us. In a world where success normally correlates with planning ahead, companies have had to make a big shift. In some cases, we’ve had to plan, strategize, and execute marketing strategies—all on the same day. In uncertain times, it’s important to stay connected and remember to simply “feel.” “Feel” as a client partner, “feel” as a marketer, and most importantly—“feel” as human-being.

Here are three ways that we’re seeing marketers lead with courage:

Write with Care

It’s more critical than ever to work closely with client partners to review content that’s in-market to make sure it’s written with care. Now is the time to show customers that you value them (beyond how they contribute to your bottom line).

Lead with Understanding

A COVID-19 email doesn’t make sense for every brand, but showing humility and that you care does. It’s important to practice intentional listening. Listen to what your clients need, understand their goals, embrace unexpected shifts in business, and lead through technical and strategic direction.

Find the Opportunity

Look for the opportunity amidst the chaos. In some cases, we’re re-strategizing the purpose and timing of marketing campaigns, and in other cases, we’re simply leaning in to form a stronger collaboration.

Where do we go from here? We move forward boldly, with empathy and optimism for what’s to come. We become more than beneficial partners when we value our customers, when we lead our customers with humility and intentionality, and when we find ways to collaborate through the chaos–we become essential partners.

“The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said.”
-Peter Drucker

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Vanessa Patrick

Vanessa is a storyteller and has worked in email and content-driven marketing over the past 8 years. With experience as a client, marketer, freelancer and agency partner, she enjoys meeting new people, learning their stories and helping them convert their mission into revenue. Follow Vanessa on LinkedIn

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