30 Spam Filter Words and Phrases to Avoid


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Spam filtering has become quite sophisticated. Your email subject line isn’t the only part of the email delivery equation, but rather, just one part of the whole. Emails are delivered to inboxes based on subject lines, content, and reputation. Avoiding or limiting certain spam trigger words or phrases in your subject lines or throughout your content is important for successful email deliverability.

1. $$$
2. 100% free
3. Act Now
4. Affordable
5. Amazing stuff
6. Double your income
7. Earn $
8. Earn extra cash
9. Eliminate debt
10. Free
11. Free gift
12. Limited time offer
13. Make $
14. !!!
15. 100% free
16. Act now!
18. Discount
19. Double your income
20. E.x.t.r.a. Punctuation
21. FREE
22. Guarantee
23. Join millions
24. Lose weight
25. All natural
26. Bargain
27. Best price
28. Lowest price
29. T e x t w i t h g a p s
30. No purchase necessary

Vertical Response has some tips that may or may not set off official spam filters, but they tend to set off human spam filters:

Don’t write subject lines ALL IN CAPS.
Don’t make spelling mistakes.
Don’t plea with people to “Open Me!”
Don’t deceive readers with a false promise.
Don’t give away everything in your subject line.
Don’t use one word – like “Hi!” – as your subject line.
Nix the punctuation.
Don’t add Re: to your subject line to deceive readers.

Luckily, most email marketing services, provide spam checking tools. So be safe- avoid spam trigger words and phrases, spam traps, and always test your email with a spam-checker prior to sending.

If your email program needs help, contact a deliverability strategist here.

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