5 Types of Email Service Platforms (ESP) for you to consider

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Are you considering a new Email Service Platform (ESP)? The martech landscape has quickly become complex and even contradictory at times, and shopping for best-fit technology can inevitably become a long and often daunting process. In this infographic we have classified the 5 types of ESPs for you to consider based on the kinds of tech capabilities they offer, who should consider them, as well as some common brand names you’ve likely heard of for each type. Which one is right for you?




Choosing an ESP is no easy task

Do your homework! We tend to be swayed by other people’s opinions more often than not, and that can provide valuable insights into someone else’s first-hand experiences with the ESP you are considering. Read reviews on the company and take into account the feedback given by satisfied and unsatisfied clients.

Pairing up with an independent technology consultant like Trendline Interactive will help you start your search on the right foot,  and tap into the resources needed to complete the search, selection and implementation of a different platform.

We invite you to contact us for a no-obligation conversation about your needs and how we can help you navigate this complex landscape confidently and successfully.


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