A Busy Week Of Speaking On Email Marketing: #adtechNY and #AAeM2012

Andrew Kordek

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This week is packed full of me speaking at 2 large industry events and I invite all you to come and join me as I speak both at adtech and The All About Email Virtual Conference.  I am excited to be speak at both of these great events about a few topics that are hot right now in our space.

At adtech, I am speaking at the Email, CRM and Social session on everything from behavioral driven on-boarding to talking about the email and social solar system. It’s a can’t miss session where I promised my colleague Nicole Delma that I wouldn’t drop the F-Bomb.  If you are at adtech and want to meet, reach out to me and let me know what you look like and lets share a coffee/water together.

Assuming that I make it back from NYC in one piece on Wednesday, I plan to do the midday keynote at The All About Email Virtual Conference and Expo, where I plan to touch on a few things that I am sure will cause a stir in the crowd.  That and if you are a best practice hound and only live by book, you will have a lot of to say/disagree about what I have to say.  This conference is free for everyone, so if you want to heckle or ask questions, sign up and lets have some fun.

As always…have fun and keep on blasting.

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