A Perfect Opportunity For Humanized (err…doganized) Content

Andrew Kordek

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Doggyloot is a daily deals site for pups and their people. I first learned about them awhile ago and decided to subscribe to their email program just to see what sorts of emails I would get.  Being a dog owner, I am very attached to my pooch and want him to feel loved and cared for.  The people over at Doggyloot seem to really care about animals and want to provide the best products for the pets and their owners.  They have a fairly large Facebook presence with lots of great humanized content and stories, but their email program lacks that element that I believe can really help drive sales.

Looking at the promotional emails that have been sent to me, it appears that they have fallen into the daily deals rock’em/sock’em rut with promotion after promotion.  Now..don’t get me wrong, everyone likes a good deal, but to me the joy of owning a pet is also emotional.  Subscribers want to feel emotionally connected to their brand and this is where Doggyloot misses the mark.  They have great deals, but the email program needs to also have that humanized element to it.  I speak around the world about optimizing email programs and it always goes back to relevancy on the marketers side, but the feeling that the company cares about them and their needs from the consumer/subscriber side.

The Facebook page for Doggyloot is filled with interesting content and stories that seemingly are begging to be put in email and have a story told around them.  When you combine the human/emotional side to owning a pet and then cross sell and up-sell me to your products, it would go a long way towards showing me the subscriber your human/caring side.

I can’t give too much away of my secret sauce around the humanization of an email program (as that is really reserved for my paying clients), but I can tell you this: The future of email and its long term success for any organization is going to be trying to figure out ways the brand will be able to humanize and allow subscribers to believe that they are more than just trying to give them a good deal.  Social media has taught us this and customers are wanting it.  The trick is balance and a solid messaging strategy around how you want you want to be perceived in the inbox and around the social sphere.

Below is a recent email and a screen grab of Doggyloot’s FB page.  I welcome your feedback.

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