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Andrew Kordek

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Its been said that a good defensive strategy wins the big games and I could not agree more.  While some companies are spending a ton of money building out preference centers and the backend systems required to support them, a little known secret in the email marketing world is that by simply adding an opt-down page, you can save or at least divert subscribers from totally exiting your email program.  Much has been written in the past about an opt-down page, so I won’t go into the pro’s and cons of putting one up, other than to say that if you have no one unsubscribing from your program or if you send only 1 email a year, then this opt-down thing is not for you.

Truth be told, I believe that just about everyone should have an effective and intuitive opt-down center, especially those that are frequent senders.  Its adds to a positive brand experience and affords your subscribers a level of control that they want in the way they interact with you.

I like simple.  Simple works.  Simple will win long term and this is what OurDeal in Australia has gone for and achieved.  While other companies tend to create complex and often un-intuitive opt down pages in a veiled attempt to “assist the subscriber in choice”, OurDeal incorporates a little brand humor and offers clear choices for their subscribers, by offering 3 options with clear CTA buttons.

The page is on brand and easy to navigate from the daily email, which is a bonus.  My only feedback on the opt-down center would be for OurDeal to offer an ECOA option, a SMS option or even the ability to drive me to a mobile app (if they have one).  Choice is key here and like I have always said, subscribers are in charge of your program so the more options for them to feel that control the better.

Do you have an opt-down center on your radar or confused on how to implement one?  Talk to us..

The opt-down page:

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