An Email Savasana from lululemon

Andrew Kordek

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If you have an issue, fix it. If you are making improvements for a better customer experience, tell them.  If you are increasing your email cadence, tell them. If you are reducing cadence or going on an email hiatus, why not tell them?

Its a simple concept everyone, communication with your subscribers is key.  I recently received and email from lululemon athletica that caught my eye. In it, it appears as if they are going on an email savasana (a yoga term indicating a relaxing posture either at the beginning or end of a yoga session).  They managed to put this into the pre-header with instructions to scroll down in the email for an explanation.  The explanation was plain and simple in that they were working behind the scenes that would hopefully improve the customer experience.

What I love about this email is that it speaks to the subscriber with relevant terms and explains why they won’t be receiving the email in the next few weeks in a way that most can understand and appreciates.  We pundits in email marketing always preach relevancy and innovation and to me lululemon makes it so both ways.  My only suggestion (if they know this) would be to indicate when they are stopping and what day I could expect to see my next email.

Remember…its easy to communicate with style, brand and relevancy in email and lululemon was able to do this inside a promotional email without causing too much intrusion or forcing me into a upward facing two-foot staff pose.

Congrats lululemon, you win the Trendie for Most Tranquil Way To Reduce Cadence in Email Award.  I double dog downward facing tree pose you for it.


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