Are Consumers Using Silos Against You?

Andrew Kordek

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The art of navigating silos and internal politics was a common topic at Mediapost’s Email Insider Summit on Captiva Island, Fla. last week. For those who have been around email for a while, we know what we need to do, but figuring out how to actually accomplish it continues to be a challenge.

Brands Lose When Customers Lose

When I think about silos, I think about the disjointed experiences they create for customers. Take preference centers, for example. I spoke with one marketer in Captiva about my experience registering with one of the company’s many sites. After giving my email address to one brand, I started receiving email from some of the company’s other entities. Distinct messaging, offers, and creative execution made it clear that these business units operate independently. And so, I tried to update my preferences for what I wanted to receive.

I couldn’t.

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Originally from Are Consumers Using Silos Against You? | Published April 28, 2010

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