As They Age, So Do Their Motivations for Going Online

Andrew Kordek

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I’d met the requirements for my major, but I still needed two credits to get my undergraduate degree. While there weren’t many two-credit classed offered in the summer, I found one: “Introduction to the Internet.”

Yes, I believed it would be important to learn about the Internet, but I had another motivation for learning to create Web pages, use email and Instant Messenger. I lived in California, I had a girlfriend in Texas, and I was a poor college student. Every extra cent I had was going to buy stamps to send letters and pay for long-distance phone calls — since a cell phone was out of my financial grasp as well.

My initial motivation for going online was simple. I did it for a girl. I welcomed the opportunity to communicate long-distance, in real-time, for free.

But my motivations for using the Internet have changed since then. Now, I use it for everything from work to shopping and paying bills to staying in touch with old friends.

Earlier this year, I wrote “The Fluid Nature of Gen Y’s Media Habits,” which looked at how media habits change as Gen Y consumers move through different life stages. I’ve since conducted new research (to be published next month) that looks at how the motivations fueling online activity change over time.

Shopping (22%) and looking for deals (20%)

While women are more likely than men to be motivated to go online to shop and find deals, there are dramatic changes that occur over time.

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Originally From ‘As They Age, So Do Their Motivations for Going Online’| Published May 21, 2010

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