Behind the Book: Salesforce Marketing Cloud for Dummies

Chester Bullock

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A little over 2 years ago, a senior executive at Salesforce approached us about writing a book on how to use Salesforce Marketing Cloud, formerly known as Exact Target. Having been deep technical users of the platform for a number of years, vocal proponents, and people who weren’t afraid to offer constructive feedback, he believed that Mark Pollard and I were well-suited to this venture. And, of course, we thought, “How hard could it be?”  

We quickly learned that knowing a platform inside and out was one thing, but being able to translate that knowledge into a book to cover all skill sets was something else entirely. There were other complications and hurdles to overcome, too. Our primary focus still needed to be on our day jobs, providing great service to our existing clients, without whom our livelihood would not exist. And then there is the fast-paced world of software development. Salesforce releases a new version of Marketing Cloud every few months. Sometimes the updates are small – adding a new feature, adjusting an existing one – and sometimes they are substantial, e.g., moving interaction activities from within the Email tab to Automation Studio. More than once, we had to go back and rework a chapter, recreate screenshots, and hope that, by the time the book was finished, the information would still be up-to-date. That said, we foresee updated and revised editions of this book being written in the future. But, in order to publish on time, lines had to be drawn in the sand, and deadlines had to be met.    

The end result was placed in our hands last week, and we’ve seen pictures of excited people holding their pre-sale order forms on social media. We have also received a tremendous amount of encouragement and positive feedback, mostly along the lines of “we have needed this book for years,” “long overdue,” and “thank you!” Mark and I are extremely proud of what we have created and that this valuable resource is now available to you.

Despite the title of this book, we wrote it for digital marketers of all skill levels. Salesforce Marketing Cloud for Dummies was written for people using either Basic, Pro, Corporate or Enterprise editions, and we hope it provides answers to most or all of your questions. We walk readers through the use of Salesforce’s dynamic suite of cloud-based digital marketing solutions, providing them with the power to plan, personalize, and optimize their customer’s journey. Don’t worry if you’ve never worked with Journey Builder before because we go into it in great detail, as well as provide information and guidance on customer journeys and Automation Studio. Curious about Email Studio, Mobile Studio, or Social Media Studio? We cover that, too. What about the use of data extensions instead of the list model? It’s all in there.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud for Dummies can be read from cover to cover, or you can jump directly to a specific chapter on the functionality you are currently working on. In it, you will also find handy cheat sheets, a glossary of terms, checklists, and tools to help map out your customer journey. Whichever page you turn to, we hope it’s the first page in an epic journey with Salesforce Marketing Cloud and successful well-managed digital marketing campaigns.       


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