The Best Day and Time to Send Email Is…

Andrew Kordek

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The Best Day and Time to Send Email Is…

It’s been two years since I wrote this post poking fun at all the different statistics (and quotes) regarding the best day and time to send email, and how utterly ridiculous it would be to try to make heads or tails of all the conflicting information.

It’s 2016, and my position on this very topic remains the same. However, I would love to put this matter to rest once and for all, so:


Dear Email Marketing Colleagues,

Let’s stop asking what the best day and time to send an email is, and let’s focus on figuring it out for your organization (which, by the way, is unique even among your competitors). People read email on a train, in the bathroom, in line waiting at the store, at night in bed, at a bar while drunk, in a movie theater, at a funeral, while hiking in the mountains, feeding a baby, playing with their dog, listening to someone on the phone and—believe it or not—at the dinner table ignoring their family.

If there were a best day and time to send email, everyone would be doing it at that time, and then it wouldn’t be the best day and time to send email anymore.

We have to understand that each subscriber is unique. In addition, their habits change almost constantly, so guessing or picking a random time to send email to everyone is never ever going work either. The mere fact that the industry is putting efforts into finding this magical minute—and then reporting on it—is still beyond my comprehension.

The bottom line is if you are asking, but not doing anything about it, you are simply hoping and praying that things will change, or you want the silver bullet. The last time I checked, this email marketing thing is hard, and there are no silver bullets or magic in making a good program great.

As I see it, you have a few choices when it comes to identifying the best day and time to send an email:

  1. Read the stats and pick one
  2. Test it. Test it again. Then test some more, and then consistently test for further optimization
  3. Invest your resources into a baked-in ESP tool regarding send-time optimization, or invest in a 3rd party tool like AudiencePoint
  4. Do nothing, but ask the question every year and hope for the right answer

Which one are you going to do?


Trendline Interactive


The bottom line is this: there is no one single best time to send email, and there never will be. So, either do something about it or stop asking the question. Email marketing is easy…but great email marketing is hard.


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