The Best QA Process to Produce Error-Free Emails

Lucy Darby

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The Best QA Process to Produce Error-Free Emails

Whether your emails are award winning pieces of creative designed within complex templates or just simple text only notes to your readers, they all have something in common. They all must go through Quality Assurance (QA) before heading to their awaiting inboxes. If you are concerned about the quality of your emails and delighting your readers, this is a crucial step that must not be left out of your email production process.

At Trendline, we pride ourselves in having a 99.63% error-free rate against all the emails we sent in 2016. The way we maintain a near zero error rate with so many email campaigns is by having a top notch QA team, a rigorous process, and utilizing leading email industry tools.

While producing quality emails is highly important to our clients, so too is the time it takes to get it out the door.  Our QA process not only needs to test and produce error-free emails but do it as quickly as possible. One of the tools our QA team utilizes to accomplish this is Litmus. Litmus provides a suite of email design and email marketing tools, that help us design, test, and analyze our emails. Without Litmus, the average email takes over 2 hours to process manually. With Litmus, that time is cut in half and reduces the chance of human error. That’s not just saving time in the process, but also saving money for the client.


QA in Action

Recently we ran a campaign for a client that required us to send 30 different emails out over 30 days. Working from one master template the content would need to change every day. This required a stepped-up production process that had little to no room for inefficiencies or error.

Our QA team completed this project on time, on budget and without sprouting too many new gray hairs. The use of the Litmus tool played a key part in allowing our team to process multiple versions of an email, quickly, and without error.


Trendline’s VP of Email Operations, Molly Privratsky, gives the full scoop on how the QA team maintains such a high error-free rate at blinding speeds by utilizing the Litmus tool.

Click here to read the full case study.



Don’t have your own QA process? Email Trendline today, we’ve got you covered.


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