Choice & Control: The Ultimate Email Marketing Weapon.

Andrew Kordek

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As a subscriber to many email programs, I have the choice whether or not to open, read, click and convert to a companies newsletter or promotional email.  In addition, I can choose whether to remain subscribed or get out.  Its simple, I am in control.

As a sender, I have the choice of whether or not to send the subscriber my specific content that day or week with the hopes that it will be interesting or compelling enough for the subscriber to make his/her choice.  I can choose if certain people get certain things or not get anything at all.  Its simple, the sender is in control.

When there are two opposing forces vying for control and choice, something inevitable happens: collision.  We all know what happens when a collision occurs and in the digital world, it not only is ugly, but its public.

Choice and control should almost always never reside with the sender because people today demand a personalized experience and that could never be had if the sender is always trying to dictate the experience to the subscriber.  As soon as senders give up choice and control just enough to let the subscriber to feel in control, the experience  goes to a whole new level for each side.

If you are a subscriber, demand it.  If you are a sender, understand it.

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Andrew Kordek

Andrew Kordek is a Co-Founder of Trendline Interactive.

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