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Morgan Stewart

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krista-seidemann-eloqua-luminaryTrendline Interactive is pleased to announce that a member of our technology team, Krista Seidemann, has achieved the notable certification of Eloqua Luminary. This is the highest level of achievement in the Oracle/ Eloqua ecosystem, and Krista joins the ranks of less than 100 Luminaries worldwide.

Attainment of this certification — which involves attending over 25 classes, several tests to determine proficiency, practical exercises, and demonstrating thought leadership — is a reflection of the professionalism and dedication Krista brings to her role at Trendline Interactive. As a Senior Platform Specialist, Krista works daily with a Fortune 50 client, delivering solutions that move their business forward while also improving operational efficiency.

We congratulate Krista on her achievement, and look forward to her continued professional development.

Trendline Interactive

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Morgan Stewart

CEO & Co-Founder. Austin, TX.

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