Content Is King. Now What?

Andrew Kordek

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If you’ve read anything about social media, permission-based marketing and/or Web 2.0, you’ve doubtless heard the maxim “Content is king.”

And, if you work in any field other than marketing or publishing, your reaction to that adage is probably some variation of, “Great. What does that have to do with me and my business?”

Content is king because, by providing customers (current or potential) with relevant and useful information, you establish a relationship that positions yourself as “someone who knows what he/she’s talking about” rather than merely “someone who’s trying to sell something.”

From whom would you rather buy?

Ever patronized a local hardware store because you know you can get expert advice about whatever project you’re working on rather than because they have the best prices? That, in essence, is the underpinning of content marketing. (And it’s also the key to competing on value rather than price, but that’s a topic for another post.)

Content marketing not only helps distinguish you and your business from the rest of the field, it can also do wonders for your Google search rankings.

What kind of content should you provide? What should you create? Great question. Such a great question, in fact, that it’s one that’s been pondered by writers, sculptors, artisans, painters, philosophers, craftsmen and builders on all stripes for millennia. And the answer is the same for you as it’s been for all of them: Write (or, create) what you know.

Do you do IT consulting? Write about how to create strong passwords.

Dentist? Write about helping people overcome their fears of dental pain.

Don’t have a knack or the time for writing? Whip out your smartphone and make a short how-to or product demonstration video. You don’t need a high-dollar production budget—many modern mobile phones and even point-and-shoot digital cameras take great video. The image quality just needs to be sufficient to get your point across (and, more importantly, you need to have intelligible audio).

Do you make high-powered blenders? Show off their capabilities.

Plumbing your trade? Demonstrate how to seal a toilet bowl flange.

The point is to demonstrate your expertise, not to come up with some earth-shattering idea that no one has ever expressed before. Position yourself as the expert, and people will come to you when they’re looking for the type of product or service you provide.

Need help determining what’s relevant to your target audience? Or need help determining who your target audience is? That’s where research comes in. We can help you determine not only what your audience wants to know, but also how to say it.

Let us know if you’d like some help.

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