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Andrew Kordek

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On several occasions, I have conducted highly informal research on what people want to receive through email. Nothing fancy, just me asking friends and family what they want companies to send them. “Coupons” is always the first answer.

I have also conducted surveys asking consumers what they want from retailers. No matter how you try to spin or hide it, the same answer always comes to the top of the list. I recently conducted a survey for a retailer where we tried to avoid the topic, but we made a mistake in asking the simple open-ended question, “What would you do to improve the program?” Nearly half said “more coupons.”

Of course, as email marketers we need to focus on the hot topics of the day, like relevance, list churn, and testing, but like it or not customers want us to give them a reason to buy today — and coupons still represent one of the best tools in our arsenal.

Before getting to specific tactics, it is important to note two types of coupons. First, multi-use coupons represent a single promotional code that is provided to multiple customers. In this instance, anyone supplying promotion code 123 gets the discount. This makes distribution the key point of concern for retailers and manufacturers to ensure that coupons are not distributed beyond the originally intended audience. This is the area where solutions provided by companies like Coupons, Inc. excel by controlling the number of times coupons can be printed from a user’s computer.

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Originally from “Coupon Tactics Get Interesting”| Published October 15, 2008

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