Database and Email Marketing Guru Arthur Hughes Dies

Andrew Kordek

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I was saddened to learn that the email marketing community has lost the legendary Arthur Hughes.  I learned of his death from a colleague this morning and while I never met him, I did speak with Arthur a few years ago as we planned an email marketing workshop that never materialized.  I remember fondly our conversations around content for the workshop and his great disposition as well as knowledge around email and database mechanics was incredible.

Arthur wrote what I would consider one of the best email marketing books ever written and if you had not had a chance to read it, I encourage that you go out and order it today.  This book is intense, but chock full of foundational email marketing nuggets so that anyone at any level could learn something.  You can find it here.  If you get through that and want to really sink your teeth into some database marketing goodness, I encourage you to order this book written by Arthur as well.

Thank you for your contributions to both my professional growth, but to others as well.

RIP Arthur.

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