Deep Thoughts in Email Marketing — July 2016 Edition

Andrew Kordek

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July is about apple pie, parades, fireworks and of course … deep thoughts on email marketing.

1. Lifetime value is often talked about, but what about lifetime lost value?

2. What would it take to have a former spammer (now turned good) run your email program?

3. How does a funeral home approach lifecycle emails?

4. If you had a button that could make an email show that it was sent yesterday or any previous day, would that be used in your program?

5. With all this talk about machine learning, what do you think an email marketer will look like in 10 years?

6. Do you think someone is trying to develop an email that smells? Imagine if you got an email from Betty Crocker that smelled like fresh baked cookies. What would be the CTR on that?

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Andrew Kordek

Andrew Kordek is a Co-Founder of Trendline Interactive.

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