Developing A Scalable Messaging Strategy

Andrew Kordek

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It’s time to start implementing the plans you developed before you went on vacation. As an email marketer, I’ll go out on a limb and assume the word “relevant” appears somewhere in your plan for this year.

There are a numerous tactics to deliver more relevant messages. However, when we aim to increase relevance, we don’t mean that we simply want to deliver a few relevant messages here and there. Simply developing a compelling welcome email is not enough. The real challenge in email marketing is to consistently deliver relevant messages.

Equipped with perfect data, this would be an operational challenge. Sourcing and producing content is where aggressive segmentation plans typically collapse. Over time, messages delivered to these segments start to look very similar. Moreover, we don’t have perfect data. Only a subset of our subscribers have complete profiles, and a smaller percentage have done anything worthy of a meaningful transactional email in the recent past.

Faced with these realities, one approach I’ve used for creating both manageable and scalable messaging programs is to leverage this three-tiered concept:

Level #1: Base Programs

These programs form the foundation of a messaging strategy. They may be weekly promotions or monthly newsletters or something similar. They may require ongoing development or they may be a time-based message sequence. They key is to establish an ongoing and regular presence in your subscribers’ inbox.

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Originally From “Developing A Scalable Messaging Strategy”| Published January 6, 2010

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