Did digital transformation really just accelerate by 5-6 years?

Scott Burdsall

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For digital marketers, the big story of 2020 is not just the COVID-19 pandemic but the digital transformation it accelerated as the world stayed home to try to keep the virus in check.

We explored some secondary statistics that prove that perhaps that did just happen.

Consider these stats:

Ecommerce takes off:

This is the business story of the year, as stores closed but delivery services stayed open. Digital commerce is expected to jump 18% in 2020 according to eMarketer. Grocery shopping is driving the digital bus, especially for Baby Boomers, whose adoption rate jumped from 8% in February 2020 to 34% by mid-March, a trend experts predict will hold steady even as stores reopen or expand hours.

Email engagement rises:

A Campaign Monitor study reported email opens rose 4 percentage points in March and April compared to the same times in 2019: 21.7% in March and 21.2% in April. The average click rate rose from 2.78% in March to 3.01% in April.

Although reports conflicted over the rate of email conversions, Klaviyo said email revenue went through the roof:

  • Email revenue is up 86%.
  • Open rates are up 21.8% and clickthrough rates are up 22.5%.
  • Revenue per recipient is up 60.5%.

Social media usage spikes:

“The coronavirus pandemic is deepening users’ immersion in social media at a moment when society had just begun to question it,” Axios said in reporting that social media accounted for 20.8% of mobile app use in January, a share that rose to 24.1% by April.

Screen time up 16%:

All that time in virtual classrooms and meetings is adding up to a global average of 6 hours and 54 minutes a day, up from 5 hours and 58 minutes before March 11, according to productivity app RescueTime.

The group chat rules:

Consumers who once didn’t know their FaceTimes from their Hangouts got comfortable with virtual events. Time spent on Zoom, between school, business and personal use, jumped 50% in the first three weeks of April alone and now claims 300 million active users.

So, what now?

This acceleration of change puts more weight on your digital channels to perform. We encourage digital and email marketers to adapt to the realities this brings in order to tap into growth potential moving forward. To learn more about potential growth strategies in this digitally transformed world check out our latest white paper.

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Scott Burdsall is the Practice Lead, Strategy Consulting at Trendline Interactive, where he focuses on creating messaging and segmentation strategies to drive maximum conversions while maintaining a strong focus on the optimal omni channel user experience. He has 13 years of email marketing and product management experience, creating and maintaining programs for both B2C and B2B audiences and overseeing everything from day-to-day campaign management to platform migrations. Scott graduated from The University of Iowa and lives outside of Chicago, Illinois with his wife and two children. Scott enjoys music, running, and fixing up old bikes in his spare time. Follow Scott on LinkedIn

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