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Andrew Kordek

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Twice this month, I had the opportunity to review and provide feedback on plans to optimize existing email programs. In both instances, I was taken aback by complex webs of information presented as the recommended paths to improving the program performance.

The recommendations in these plans were all familiar. From segmentation and personalization, to the use of rich media, to designing for mobile email, all the latest hot topics were supported with research and insights from reputable sources. So, while the plans focused on areas the industry has deemed important — as measured by the number of words written on these topics recently — the basics were overlooked. Worse yet, they may have been discounted because simple ideas don’t impress.

With that in mind, I wanted to share the recommendations I made to both companies:

1)   Keep it simple. The more complicated the plan, the more likely you are to fail to implement it. Most complicated plans die because getting buy-in takes too much time and energy. Especially now, people simply don’t have the patience; they want quick hits. However, simple does not need to mean simplistic. Create a plan that is brilliant in its ability to be easily communicated.

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Originally from “Don’t Overcomplicate It”| Published April 1, 2009

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