Eight Ways To Integrate Email With Facebook And Twitter

Andrew Kordek

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Last week, prediction number two of Tim Ferriss’ 4 Social Media Marketing Predictions for 2011 was “The Full Resurrection of Email.” Groupon’s $6 billion valuation has shined its light on the value of permission marketing. Now permission marketing is capturing the imagination of angel investors and investment bankers all over again.

Moreover, as Ferriss stated, “email addresses are a safer long-term investment than social media features.” This doesn’t diminish the fact that Facebook eclipsed Google in terms of total site visits in December. It doesn’t downplay the meteoric adoption of smartphones, and it doesn’t belittle 100 million Twitter users worldwide.

Instead, Ferriss’ article and the widespread support it received give me hope. Fruitless dialogue about which channel will prevail is passé. They will all thrive for the foreseeable future. 2011 is the year to really start integrating these tools in support of rock-solid business objectives: more sales, more leads, more supporters, and more satisfied customers.

“Like us on Facebook” and “Follow us on Twitter” links in your emails aren’t integration. “Like” and “Tweet” buttons are a little closer, but only if people understand why they should click them. According to a recent study from the Nielsen Norman Group, college students, the most savvy Facebook users, often can’t make the mental leap to why they would want to click these buttons. They don’t understand how sharing things with their friends will help them!

These tactics are only the beginning of integration among email, Facebook and Twitter. In hopes of stirring up some creativity in this area, I’ve compiled a list of things I have either seen work or plan to try in the coming year.

Feature winners of Facebook competitions in your email newsletter. By featuring these Facebook winners in email, you get the dual benefits of additional incentives/rewards from Facebook contests while tangibly highlighting what your Facebook community is about to email subscribers.

Promote exclusive deals available only to email subscribers on Facebook and Twitter. Email subscribers want exclusive benefits for their loyalty. By reserving certain benefits for email subscribers, you’re increasing the value of your program to subscribers, and creating a motivation for others to subscribe. The viral nature of Facebook and Twitter make them ideal venues to promote these benefits.

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Originally from: “Eight Ways To Integrate Email With Facebook And Twitter” | Published January 5, 2011

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