7 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Email Drip Campaign


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7 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Email Drip Campaign

Building an email drip campaign requires many different moving parts. You need valuable content that your leads can absorb, a landing page to capture emails, a series of great emails, and a workflow that maps out when, where, why, and how emails will be delivered to leads.

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The key to a successful email drip campaign is to keep it simple, stay on topic, and show the leads what they want. With all these different elements it’s easy to make mistakes with your drip campaign or overthink the process. Seven mistakes are commonly made when building email drip campaigns.

1. Sending Too Many Drip Campaign Emails

How many times have you signed up to an email list only to unsubscribe one week later because you received too many emails? Most people won’t hesitate to unsubscribe from an email drip campaign the second they get annoyed. Your job is to figure out the perfect number of emails that will move them into the sales funnel and convert them into a paying customer.

2. Sending Frequent Emails

Some brands send their leads just one email a week, or even one every month. More often than not, brands oversaturate their audience with three to five emails every week. The result is a prompt “unsubscribe” action. An unsubscribed lead means potential revenue has been lost. Split testing an email drip campaign with frequency variations will help you determine the best times to send emails and the optimal amount to send in a given timespan.

3. Terrible Subject Lines

Subject lines are the most important part of any email you send. It’s the first thing potential leads will see and it determines whether or not they will open or delete your message. Certain words will instantly trigger a spam alert and your email will be relegated to the dreaded spam folder or promotions tab.

Common Spam Trigger Words to Avoid

  • Free
  • Trial
  • Sample
  • Quote
  • Cost
  • Subscription
  • 100%
  • Guaranteed
  • Offer
  • Opportunity

Many more trigger words exist and it’s a good idea to study them before sending your email drip campaign to leads.

4. Content Overload

Don’t try to pack all of your content into one email. If an email is long enough to be a full-size article or blog post it’s not going to perform well. Audiences are looking for content that can be consumed quickly and understood easily. Organize your content in a way that will make sense to your target audience and then send two or three pieces of content per email in your drip campaign.

5. Irrelevant Content

Have you ever received an email from J.C. Penney that focused on promoting sports cars or airline tickets? Of course not. That would be completely irrelevant to their target audience in the consumer goods world. Content that isn’t relevant to your brand will quickly distance your target audience.

6. No Theme

If an email drip campaign doesn’t make sense you can’t expect leads to take the time to try and understand it. A one-size-fits-all approach won’t work. Your email drip campaign needs to have a central message and theme that immediately tells the target audience what’s going on and who you are.

7. Poor Writing

Nothing kills credibility like bad grammar. Once an email has been sent there’s no getting it back. Every email represents your brand and the quality of your work. People who see poor quality writing and bad grammar skills won’t become customers anytime soon.

Avoiding these seven mistakes will make your email drip campaigns much more effective and have a much greater impact. Focusing on messaging, quality, and data will lead the way to more successful campaigns.


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