Email Marketing: Warts and All

Andrew Kordek

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It may just be that I’m too sensitive, but it seems there’s been an increase in the number of articles berating email marketing. I have no problem with people pointing out issues with email or highlighting changes in the online market. Things are changing and marketers absolutely need to adapt.

But I object to the spread of misleading information for the sake of grabbing headlines. Email marketing has become marketing’s favorite whipping boy. Headlines that criticize email or point to its demise go viral. Headlines focused on the strengths of email go nowhere.

If you are reading this, I’ll assume you work in email and you’re aware of the benefits it provides as a marketing channel. I could drone on about the high ROI, the ability to deliver highly targeted content, the incredible power of the channel to drive purchases and increase purchase intent. While all this is true, we also need to take a candid look at some of the challenges facing our industry:

1)   Spam has been labeled an “email problem.” Look around the Internet and you’ll see spam everywhere. It lives on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and it has lived for years in out mailboxes. The problem l is that the barriers to sending spam are too low. Email is cheap and it’s easy to send. Moreover, since email does not live on a single platform (as with Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube), there is no central place to shut it off.

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Originally from ‘Email Marketing: Warts and All’| Published August 18, 2010

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